Archery Quivers

  Don't forget the handbags


New body style  : hip quiver with stiched bark inlays



quiver with fur


Handmade birch bark and leather quivers.


        The quivers by Solene Chatain will become your most  inspired piece of archery gear, whether you shoot  a recurve, a compound or  a longbow. These quivers make a perfect  lifelong hunting or 3D shoot companion,  and a  display for your arrows at home.



"Quiver making is my art."


patchwork quiver

birch bark  patch stitched
with hemp,
hemp webbing strap



haida quiver


woven birch bark,
stitched-in "haida" art design band , rabbit fur arrow quieter .


fur quiver

finely woven with vintage heirloom fur arrow quieter and tassles


solid one piece bark natural hemp stitch


Leather Quiver


solid one piece of bark, stitched and wrapped in hide with color inlays , hemp stitch, tassles and sheep fur liner.


double side strap quiver

double side leather strap.

Bark is a  material seldom used nowadays but  not too long ago the bark of the cedar  and the birch tree were an integral part of the lives of countless people and for thousands of years.
     The traditional uses of the cedar bark, either woven or shredded among the west coastal people ranged from rope to blankets: hats, baskets, mats, clothes. And where the birch  was abundant, people depended on their birch bark canoe to brave powerful rivers.
    These  natural materials are of superior quality, they are strong durable and light weight.



woven quiver

hemp lashed quiver


All Bark with contrast.

quiver making




I am working with bark in the traditional manner and taking care of everything from harvesting to shipping myself.
The finding, harvesting and preparing  of the bark  is a lengthy process. I do not strip of their bark alive trees; I seek for dead or already down trees and pick the best bark's thickness and color for my purpose.
    Then I cut it off, wet it, clean it, slice it , bend it and sometimes split the thickness.
And then...I still have to make a quiver!


  Color and finishes
        The finish object is hand-rubbed with many coats of linseed oil. Also you can  have the bark dyed for interesting highlights
  traditional quiver
hunting quiver
recurve quiver

                       Cedar bark                                                                      Fur on solid bark body

                           cedar bark quiver                                                                      Fur       quiver




Great place to keep an extra string, wax and an arrow repair kit. They come with hand carved antler buttons.


pocket on quiver



quiver charms

Charms are carved from shed elk antlers, by an expert antler artist from British Columbia Canada. Handblown glass beads and stone arrow heads are also available. The charm is to bring luck while shooting. Your favourite animal is usually a good thing to start with for custom totems.


       Leather, hemp webbing, side straps for your back quiver or side quiver type strap.


side strap


My standard strap below is an inch wide and very thick. I cut,  stain and finish my own straps.

leather       strap               



       Professional bowyers and archery shops, a quiver like this will go great with your customer's longbow , recurve or compound bow.  Wholesale orders come with attractive tags. Everyone has came back for more ! Please e-mail for a wholesale brochure.


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